Adding Cards for Admins

Admins can have access to all controls in your account, including adding funds, adding or removing cards, and changing controls on cards. Admins also have the option to have a card on the account at no extra cost.

When adding an Admin to the account, you will see a check box marked as “Issue this Admin a card (optional).” By checking this box and saving the new Admin information, a card for this Admin will appear on the Manage Cards page as an employee card.

Please note:
*If the Admin is deleted, the card for the Admin will also be deleted. If only the card for the Admin is deleted, you are not able to go back to the Admin settings to re-add the card. You will need to delete the Admin and go through the process again.

*Adding a card for an Admin will not count as an extra billable unit. You will only be billed for the admin. Please see our pricing page

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